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What is an online used packaging marketplace?

Businesses and organizations can leverage used packaging marketplaces to develop and scale reuse and recycling markets. Buy Sell Recycle establishes a collaborative network where hard-to-recycle waste and byproducts from one organization become raw materials for another. Furthermore, these recovery activities create new jobs and save energy while diverting waste from landfills.

Who can use this new marketplace

Businesses and organizations use Buy Sell Recycle at every stage of the circular economy, from collection and processing to manufacturing. Companies can use the Used Packaging Marketplace to explore real-time data on waste and by-product materials, make infrastructure and process investment decisions, or find new solutions for difficult-to-recycle materials.

Local recycling companies

One the biggest problems recycling companies run into is souring new material or selling existing material. An online marketplace allows for free marketing and a source of buyers in your local area

In order to find new customers and buyers for collected/processed material, recycling companies utilize the Buy Sell Recycle Marketplace. You can use the Materials Marketplace to identify and test the appetite for specific end-markets before making any commitments if you’re considering investing in new infrastructure, opening a service offering for a new material, or doing additional research before accepting material from a customer.

Small businesseses

Whether you are a local pallet yard or a pallet flipper just trying to make some beer money you can utilize our service at no cost. Small businesses can use a recycling marketplace to provide free advertising and lead generation for your company.

Manufacturers and shippers

When it comes to sourcing new packaging or waste removal or used pallets, boxes, ibc totes, ect. Manufacturers often times find themselves having to pay to have this material removed or not getting top dollar. With the use of an online recycling marketplace you can easuly find buyers or recyclers to remove excess waste at no cost to your company.

Shippers and manufacturers can use the Materials Marketplace to find innovative solutions for challenging waste and by-product materials, and to source recycled feedstocks to help meet their recycling and sustainability goals. Besides diverting waste from landfills, the Buy Sell Recycle Marketplace facilitates transactions that generate significant energy and cost savings, as well as the creation of new jobs and businesses.


Places like Facebook marketplace or Craigslist are a great way for brokers to find new customers or suppliers. Although these sites are full of scams and bot postings. Finding a reliable online marketplace can be a great way to get ahead for most brokers.

What is Buy Sell Recycle?

We are a group of recyclers that have come together to form an open source used packaging marketplace for anyone to use. Buy Sell Recycle does not charge membership fees or have any costs associated with using our platform.

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